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Acne and skin problems during pregnancy

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It is not uncommon for a pregnant woman to experience skin problems during pregnancy. Even if you enjoyed beautiful skin and fair complexion before, you can suddenly end up with acne rashes and suffer from those disturbing pimples you had not seen since adolescence.  This change in the nature of your skin is caused by the increase of hormonal activity in you body.  But do not despair, this is temporary and there are solutions to help your skin regain its normal appearance. If the situation subsists throughout pregnancy; do not worry too much about it. After delivery the hormone lever will drop back to normal and your skin should return to its pre-pregnancy appearance.

Here are some tips to maintain beautiful skin during pregnancy :

• Do not scratch nor pinch the pimples.  You could cause wounds that would leave scars.

• Wash your face twice a day with mild soap. You can exfoliate the skin but do not rub too hard. Keep the skin well hydrated.

• Exercise to reduce stress. Exercise leads to better blood flow which in turn improves the penetration of oxygen into your body including your skin.  A well oxygenated skin is a healthy one.

• Drink plenty of water every day. Water helps to detoxify the body and favors the elimination of wastes through urine.

• Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Eat a healthy diet, free of sugar, fat and junk food. Avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates.

• Avoid oil-based cosmetics.  Clean regularly your makeup brushes in warm soapy water and rinse well with water.  Dry thoroughly before the next use.

• Avoid exposing your skin to excessive sun or extreme cold.

• Avoid wearing tight clothes because that will keep your skin from breathing properly.

• A healthy and well balance diet designed for pregnant women will help maintain beautiful skin.  For pregnant women nutrition is essential not only to the health of the mother to be but also the healthy development of her unborn child who needs several nutrients.

Tips to treat acne:

• Apply lavender oil or tea tree on the area affected by acne. These essential oils are natural antibiotics that destroy a wide range of micro-organisms. In addition, they reduce redness, itching and stinging. You can try a facial cares using the steam of water mixed with a few drops of essential tea oil. Once you’re done splash your face with cold water to help seal the pores of the skin.

• Rub a freshly cut garlic clove on the affected area can also be very effective. Avoid doing it before a social event however!

• Another excellent recipe against acne is to mix lemon juice and cinnamon, and apply on the pimples and acne rash. Lemon is a natural astringent; it is quite effective for toning the skin.

• Mix drops of vinegar with water and apply with a cotton pad is effective. Leave for 10 minutes and then rinse with cold water.

• Whip the white of an egg and apply on the face for 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water. The egg white contains a high amount of protein and fatty acids. It regenerates the skin and tightens pores.

• If you notice a pimple appearing on your face, rub an ice cube over the affected area.

After childbirth acne tends to recede as the hormone levels return to normal and the body of the new mom resumes her way of life.  These tips should help you control pregnancy acne at home without using products containing drugs.  Because we must not forget that a pregnant woman should avoid medications as much as possible and also the use of commercial creams against acne because they can contain products that could be harmful to the fetus. If pregnancy acne becomes uncontrollable, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor before using any OTC product against acne.

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