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Importance of nutrition during pregnancy

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Motherhood is generally a wonderful experience for a woman. Pregnancy is one of the miracles of nature, the continuation of men through their offspring. Even the development of human consciousness and scientific advances are not yet able to explain the complexity of the miracle of life.

Food is an important factor to consider during pregnancy.   We must keep in mind that the mother also eats for the little being growing inside of her.  You have to eat for two because the developing fetus needs good nutrients.  However you should not fall into overeating. The future mother should take sufficient amount of protein, vitamins and minerals for her and the baby for she is indeed the only source of the essential nutrients for her the child.  Poor prenatal nutrition can cause the mother’s body to lack essential nutrients and it can negatively impact on the developing baby. Pregnancy is not the time for a woman to start a diet to lose weight. Instead she needs more than ever to eat the right foods and in sufficient quantity. Avoid junk food and foods with empty fat and sugar calories. To be pregnant and healthy is the order of the day for any future mom!

Taking prenatal supplements can cause the mother to experience some discomfort. For example iron intake, necessary to a healthy pregnancy, can lead to constipation. The diet of a pregnant woman will have to include more fiber, either by natural nutrition or taking supplements.  The food of a future mother should incorporate lots of fruits and vegetables that will bring lots of vitamins to the fetus. Cereals and whole grain breads are preferable to refined products. One can eat rice and pasta but in reasonable quantities. If one opts for high carbohydrate diet, it is best to favor frequent small meals rather than two or three large ones.  It is best to avoid processed meats because they contain less nutrients and more calories. Fish and poultry are great choices because they contain many nutrients without being too high in calories. Nuts are also excellent for health, for those not allergic of course.  Large doses of salt and sauces are to be avoided.

There is a major link between prenatal nutrition and the health of the baby that will subsist if the mother to breastfeed after delivery.  It is therefore worthwhile for an expectant mom to seek advice from a nutritionist or her doctor to determine the diet best suited to her need.  You have to be prepared to the emotional changes brought about by pregnancy for whatever you eat you now share with the baby to be born.

This article should be used for general information purposes only and not meant to be used in place of the advices from your doctor or nutritionist.  The information contained herein does not take individual factors into account, such as gestational diabetes, medications taken by the mother or any other specifics.  You should never undertake a new diet or any changes in your nutrition or medications without talking to your doctor first, whether you’re pregnant or not.  Medical advice is the only plan of action, mostly during pregnancy.  What is important for pregnant women is to eat the right foods for her specific needs.


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