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Different types of pregnancy test

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Am I Pregnant?  If you think you may be then taking a pregnancy test is the first order of business.  Nowadays the pregnancy tests available in pharmacies and department stores are extremely reliable and will set your mind at ease about potential pregnancy. These tests use urine to detect the pregnancy hormone and are incredibly effective.  Not so long ago a woman had to see her doctor to confirm the pregnancy but now she can rely on OTC tests that can detect pregnancy as early as the day of the missed menstruation and 99% accurate.

Even though OTC tests provide almost foolproof reliability, a visit to the doctor is in order as soon as you know you’re pregnant, because having a baby involves early medical care. Pregnancy may be ectopic, which means the egg settled outside the uterus in the fallopian tubes, and it can result in a painful pregnancy if not treated.  So under no circumstance should you go through a pregnancy without seeing a doctor.  He/she will have you pass additional tests to ensure that the pregnancy is normal and there are no complications.

There are two major types of pregnancy tests: those that use urine and those that use blood to detect the pregnancy hormone. The pregnancy hormone commonly known as hCG is produced when the placenta begins to develop once the embryo is attached to the uterine walls.  Blood tests would tend to cause less false readings because the composition of  the blood never changes.  In addition, a blood test can more accurately measure the level of hCG in a woman’s body in order to detect any problems or pregnancy complications so we can act quickly in case of problems.  The composition of urine on the other hand can differ depending on the time of day. For example, the first morning urine is more concentrated than the one collected in the evening after drinking a lot of fluid.   Pregnancy tests based on urine are still 99% accurate however, which is excellent. For a blood test you must usually go through a doctor. The blood will also help the doctor to assess the patient’s general health of his patient if need be, because the same sample can be used to perform several tests beside the pregnancy one.  The tests are important for the doctor to prescribe the right prenatal vitamins for the good health of mother and child is the paramount priority. The fetus needs all the proper nutrients required to develop healthily.

Pregnancy tests based on urine fall into two categories: those where the woman must urinate into a container in order to soak the test strip and those where the woman has to pee on a stick. The first type would be a little more precise, because the instructions are easy to follow.   Some women may have difficulties using the stick. If you pass a pregnancy test in a clinic, the container is usually provided.  The test stick is however the most popular among the OTC products. Whatever type of urine test is selected, the result will come in no time. Positive or negative, you’ll know in a few minutes. It is advisable to do a pregnancy test with the first morning urine, because as already mentioned, it is more concentrated. The test will therefore be more reliable.

Modern pregnancy tests are more reliable and accurate than ever and they help to calculate the date of delivery.  It can be a great joy for some, or a source of anxiety or discouragement for others.  It is however the first stage towards motherhood, on a path that will culminate with the arrival of a new little person in this world.

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