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Enjoy your second trimester !

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Congratulations!   You’ve reached the second trimester of your pregnancy (13-27 weeks). Morning sickness is likely just a memory by now. You should feel better than you did at the very beginning of pregnancy because your body has grown accustomed to this little baby growing inside you. In fact the second trimester should be the time when you feel the best and truly enjoy your pregnancy. You feel full of energy and vitality!  However stay careful about your diet and activities; never overdo it.

Here are some points to watch during your second trimester:

Control your appetite;  Compare to the previous trimester, the nausea have probably disappear at this point.  A little baby is growing in your womb and it needs good nutrients. Your appetite may increase tenfold.  It is not uncommon for a pregnant woman to take more weight than necessary during pregnancy as a result of her increased appetite. It’s okay to eat more but be careful not to fall into excesses.  Eat nutritious elements that satisfy your hunger while filling you up. Try to avoid junk food.

To avoid cramps: try to lift your legs for a few minutes each day. Pregnant women often experience leg cramps. Lifting the legs while sitting in a comfortable chair helps restore proper blood flow and helps to counters the heaviness of the legs.

Continue to exercise moderately: Being pregnant does not mean you should stop all activities.  It takes a bit of exercise for the body and muscles to stay in shape and be ready for delivery.  However this is not the time to sign up for a marathon. Choose simple exercises, such as swimming, yoga or walking. Before starting any exercise, however, talk to your doctor. Every pregnancy is unique, and it is necessary to check with a health expert if you can exercise safely.

Perform the Kegel Routine to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. The pubococcygeus muscles can be worked out by tightening the muscles used when you urinate (those you release). Tighten the muscles for a few seconds and let them relax, just like when you stop and start the flow of urine. Exercising these muscles several times a day can help during childbirth.

Do not avoid sexual relationship. These months are the most comfortable for you and your companion to enjoy a little sex.  Your tummy is not too developed yet, the nausea has gone, and there’s no risk of getting pregnant; you already are!  Sexual intercourse, when practiced in a natural and respectful way, is in no way harmful to the development of the fetus. Even expectant mother can have a sex life!

Make the most of this second trimester. By the 22nd week of pregnancy the little being growing inside you should try its very first moves. The miracle of life goes on! Take full advantage of this second trimester to enjoy life. You feel good, you have free time, live the moment to the fullest!

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