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The fertility test : a possible mean to get pregnant

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Infertility can affect peoples of all ages. Since the dawn of time some couples faced difficulties when trying to conceive a child.  Infertility is a medical and social problem that does not take into account the economic or social status, age, religion or race. Even kings and Queens can suffer from it like any of their subjects and it sometimes changed the course of History. According to medical science, infertility is a disease of the reproductive system.  Whether infertility comes from the male or the female, it certainly affects both members of the couple. Infertility can cause psychological and emotional trauma, as it touches the well-being of both man and woman.

But when we have difficulty conceiving a child, how can we determine that moment of fertility we long for?  Sometimes both partners seem in perfect health; they take care of themselves and are active. Fertility appears within reach. But the pregnancy test is still negative. While some women seem to be blessed and become pregnant without hassle, others face disappointment month after month. Several factors may explain the difficulty in conceiving a child; age, physical health and stress, among others.

Test to determine the times of fertility are available in stores and pharmacies. They’re easy to use tests, much in same ways as pregnancy tests, and help to identify the period of the month when the woman ovulates, meaning that she is fertile and ready to conceive. If, after several months of trying you are still unable to get pregnant, it may be time to consult a specialist.

The fertility test performed in a clinic will determine the reason why a woman cannot get pregnant. If necessary, the doctor can then refer you to a fertility clinic where professionals will assess the man and the woman to locate the problem.

There are several types of fertility test:

The hormone test: several blood tests are done at different times. This test is used to assess whether a woman has the normal level of hormones required for pregnancy. Hormonal imbalance could lead to additional tests to determine the cause. The state of the thyroid gland can also be evaluated for it is the cause of many health problems.

The ovulation test: a gynecologist will examine the regularity of the woman’s menstrual cycle of women to determine if ovulation does occur. The egg cells are female and released from the ovaries each month. Fertilized by a male sperm it gives rise to the embryo. If the ovaries do not produce ovum, conception is impossible.

Testing for sexually transmitted diseases: chlamydia and gonorrhea, among others, can cause infertility. Sometimes peoples contracted a disease without being aware of it. A test will determine if the problem of infertility is a result of a sexually transmitted disease.

• Semen analysis: a sample of the man’s sperm is collected and laboratory tests will determine if sperm are present in sufficient numbers in the man.

Fertility tests are a way for the doctor to determine the cause of infertility. Sometimes a small body dysfunction in one or both partners may be corrected by hormone treatment or some medication. Do not hesitate to consult if you have problems conceiving a child. This happens to a lot of couples, and there are solutions. Modern technology offers a variety of solutions designed for infertile couples. Talk to an expert!

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