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Five tips in case of unplanned pregnancy

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In most cases pregnancy comes as a pleasant surprise.  But for some women learning that they are pregnant can be a shock. Sometimes the news of an unplanned is welcomed but it still is a situation not always easy for a woman to accept.

If you chose to keep the baby there are things you can do to turn the surprise announcement into an enjoyable experience:

1. You should speak with a friend or family member that you trust. This person will be able to provide support without being condescending or judgmental.  You must there pick your confident with care. Becoming a mom is emotional and unsettling enough; you don’t need criticisms to add additional stress.

2. We must prepare to inform the baby’s father.  His reaction will depend on your relationship with him, ranging from excitement to denial. If the father’s reaction is favorable, it will greatly help you throughout the pregnancy. A surprise baby can be a pleasant event for a man planning on having children in his life, even if it comes sooner than expected.  Do not get discouraged, the father’s reaction may not be as negative as you figured.  Of course there are situations when the father is not so happy with the news.  Don’t lose your temper, just move away and leave him time to absorb the impact. It is better than to argue and worsen the relationship with words you might both regret.

3. Once you’ve accepted the situation you’ll then have to prepare yourself for the reactions around you.  Most people will congratulate you and be happy for you, but some may judge you. Be ready to accept both possibilities. It must be remembered that what is done is done; there’s no point in looking and linger on regrets, anger or despair.  It is better to look ahead and make the most out of this beautiful surprise gift from life.
4. We must try not to feel like you’re alone in the world. Unplanned pregnancies are common.  Even peoples using contraceptive means during sex are not immune against unexpected pregnancy. There are support groups and online listening assistance to help you through this period which may not be easy to accept and brings confusion in your life. Do not hesitate to ask for advice, either to support groups at your local CLSC or to someone in your family that you trust.  Your family doctor can guide you to the available resources. Do not hesitate or fear sharing your dreads and concerns.  Group sessions can be very therapeutic.

5. Pregnancy requires medical supervision. Your body is flooded with hormones and it is about to change from day to day.  You must keep it in mind and do your best to provide it with good nutrition, prenatal vitamins, and proper exercise. Medical monitoring is essential. Contact your family doctor who can refer you to specialists you will need throughout the pregnancy.

A little surprise baby can be a pleasant event, if we take every steps to make sure that all goes well. Once past the choc of surprise is passed it is important to talk about and make all the right decisions.  Several options are available for women facing an unwanted pregnancy.  If keeping the baby is utterly not possible, adoption provides a solution before starting to think abortion.  A well pondered choice requires some time and we must take it to reflect once we’re over the effect of surprise.

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