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How to resume normal weight after pregnancy

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After childbirth it is sometimes difficult to get back to one’s normal weight. Exercising after childbirth is the key to lose those new unwanted kilos. On average, a pregnant woman gains between 25 and 35 kilos during pregnancy. The weight of the pregnant woman should not, in principle, exceed the maximum healthy weight by more than 35 kilos. After delivery and expel of the placenta, the woman will keep 10 to 15 of those kilos. This may be a shock and a source of great disappointment for the new mother. The old clothes she wore before pregnancy won’t fit and the time that the baby spent in her womb has left traces.

Losing weight after pregnancy is not easy because free time to take care of oneself is not so frequent.  The baby often requires the presence of the mother, at any time of day or night.  With shorter sleeping time, fatigue quickly follows.  To lose the accumulated weight you must first be realistic and set achievable goals. Good nutrition during pregnancy should have limited excessive weight gain.  You need to be positive and persistent.   As a new mom you must learn to make time for yourself.  Realistically you can hope losing 1 or 2 pounds a week but loosing 10 to 25 kilos can take from 2 months to 2 years depending on the effort the new mom is willing to make.  Unfortunately there is no magic formula for losing weight after pregnancy.  For the weight loss to be permanent you must allow the necessary time. Miracle diets do not generally work and no sooner gone the kilos return.  To lose weight you must spend more calories than you consume. It is mathematical and unavoidable. A healthy diet and regular exercise are the keys to success.   To get back your lovely little tummy after childbirth is possible!

A few suggestions to get rid of those unwanted kilos once you’ve built a positive mental attitude:

• Do not start immediately upon returning home with baby. You have just given birth to a child. Your body provided a big effort. Give it time to rest.  Enjoy your new child. Your body needs time to adapt to the changes that have occurred over the 9 months before delivery. There is no urgency to look overnight the way you did before getting pregnant. A woman who just gave birth should wait at least three months before starting a diet. This of course does not preclude the adoption of a healthy diet. The return to normal menstrual cycle is a good indicator that the body has returned to its normal state. Physical activity after childbirth should come very gradually.

• Start slowly with exercise. After delivery, the mother’s body falls into healing mode. This is not the time to undertake a drastic diet and endless workouts. A walk in the neighborhood or in the park with baby in its stroller is a great way to start exercising, and will be profitable to mother and child.  Just this light exercise a few minutes a day will prepares the body for more exerting ones.  Exercising can also help prevent or overcome post-partum depression that sometimes follows childbirth.

• Keep fresh and healthy food in the fridge.  Since you will spend more time at home, the temptation will be great if you happen to have chips, sweets or junk food around.  Your meals should consist of foods good for your health. Treat yourself snacks on occasions. It is better to eat several small meals with frequent snacks of fresh fruit or vegetables, than to consume three big meals a day. Do not starve yourself and try to wait until the next meal if you are hungry. A simple fruit or yogurt can help you wait and avoid over eating when the next meal comes.  Especially if you are breastfeeding, you should eat well and never deprive your body of the good nutrients it needs.

• Interact with friends. Maybe you met other pregnant women at prenatal classes. You can keep each other’s moral up and get together for strolls or sessions at the gym. It is always easier to train and eat properly if you’re not on your own.

• Be patient with yourself. Pregnancy is exhausting for the mother’s body on many levels. Do not ruin your moral by feeling guilty, ashamed of your body, or by having unrealistic expectations.

Offload that extra weight after pregnancy is not easy. Everybody is different. Instead of comparing yourself to others and be down because you feel you should do more to lose weight faster; give yourself time instead.  Losing weight slowly but steadily is the best way to get back the body of your dreams.   Combined physical exercise and good nutrition will lead you to success. Remember that when a new mother is happy, radiant and feels good about herself; the whole family benefits!

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