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Pregnancy pillows to ease your back

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One must have been through pregnancy to understand the discomfort it can bring.  Because the little being growing inside you has a weight and it moves, forcing you to positions different from your natural ones in order to find a certain comfort zone. Some areas of the back, hips, legs and feet then grow painful and cause great discomfort. Pregnancy pillows are a way to relieve pain and support the extra weight. Pregnancy pillows can be used for sleeping but also during the day to provide extra comfort, for example during a relaxing moment in front of the TV.

Basically pregnancy pillows are specially designed to fit certain parts of the mother’s body and add support. There are several types available, to support the lower back or be placed between the thighs or knees, behind the neck or under the belly. As pregnancy progresses, the baby’s weight increases, and discomfort may be just around the corner.  It will get harder to find a comfortable position to read, watch TV, or even sleep. At some point it can even prevent proper sleep for lack of find a comfortable position.

As the belly grows sleeping on the back will become increasingly difficult as the mother will feel like she can’t breathe.  And of course sleeping on your stomach will become impossible. The ideal position for pregnant women in the last weeks of pregnancy will probably be on the side. That’s why pregnancy pillows can be so helpful to the mother. Lying on your side with a pillow between your knees will relieve some of the pressure on the hips. A pregnancy pillow behind the back will add support that will ease larger movements and allow stretching at a slight angle.

When you’re pregnant sitting for long periods of time can also cause pain in your joints.  A pregnancy pillow set behind your back will provide beneficial support in the sitting position. A cushion can also be installed under the feet for added comfort. Similarly, some women will enjoy placing a pillow on their laps to support the extra weight of their stomachs. Work will be much more enjoyable if the future mother uses adequate support and she’ll feel less tired at the end of the day.

These few techniques can easily be used to prevent discomfort and the stiffness or pain that ensues.  A bad position can cause truly unpleasant chronic sore back. There are many types of cushions and pillows designed specifically for pregnant women. Some are made of standard materials, like ordinary pillows.  Others, slightly more expensive, are made of memory foam and provide increased comfort. Take the time to try them all and find the one best suited to your needs.

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