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Acne : treat and control during pregnancy

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Pregnancy is considered to be one of the most pleasant times in the life of a woman, as long as the child is desired. The woman is about to bring a new life about and it is the greatest wonder there is.  But to some women it can also bring some discomfort because of the different symptoms triggered by pregnancy. One of the major problems faced by many pregnant women is acne. Acne is likely to occur during the first trimester of pregnancy, a result of the many hormonal changes that occur in the body of the future mother. The hardest and most frustrating part of treating acne pregnancy acne is that one must keep in mind the fact that any acne control drug must first and foremost be safe for the baby.  Some common treatments for acne involve medications that can even cause birth defects in the unborn child.

Here are acne treatments that should be avoided during pregnancy:

Accutane treatment: studies reveled that when this treatment is used, it can be dangerous for the baby and cause birth defects. In some cases it could even cause a miscarriage. This treatment should not be used during lactation either.

Tetracycline: drugs containing tetracycline should not be ingested during pregnancy. Tetracycline is an antibiotic that is used orally for the treatment of acne in adults and adolescents. It is not recommended during pregnancy because it can lead to insufficient bone development in the baby. It can also affect the color of the baby’s teeth.

Medications containing female hormones: research is inconclusive on the use of these drugs during pregnancy. But we know that female hormones are closely linked with the development of the fetus. Some hormones can be passed on to the baby growing in the mother’s womb, or even during breastfeeding. Some experts believe that these hormones may affect the baby’s development, or can even cause birth defects in some cases.

Acne during pregnancy is not uncommon. Many women will try to control acne without realizing that the drugs they take can provoke stress to the fetus. Considering the hormonal changes occurring in the mother’s body, and the new life developing in her womb, to control acne safely can be a challenge.

Simple methods to help control pregnancy acne:

There are solutions to help treat acne during pregnancy so do not despair.  By following a few simple tips it is possible to prevent or control acne during pregnancy, without side effects.

• Drink plenty of water regularly throughout the day.

• Do light exercises to stimulate blood circulation in all parts of the body. In addition to help prevent acne, exercise will do wonders for the mother’s health and minimize several unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy (heavy legs, nausea, etc..).

• Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, after thoroughly washing them. To avoid junk food during pregnancy helps prevent acne but also guarantees a much better health for the mother. The baby is the first beneficiary of a healthy diet because it also needs important nutrients to grow.

• Cleanliness is the secret of preventing acne. Washing morning and night with mild soap and cool water helps to keep a clean face. Avoid applying too much makeup, which clogs the pores of the skin. Frequently change and wash your pillowcases. Keep clean hair brushes and combs.

• A facial massage with steam can be performed to get a clearer skin.   Be cautious not to burn yourself when using steam however.  A careful massage over a bowl of hot water will suffice.  If necessary, consult a facial therapist.

The unborn baby’s health should be the pregnant woman’s primary concern. Before undertaking any acne treatment, either by drugs or cream, it is best to talk to your doctor. The use of natural and gentle ways to treat acne is far preferable to pharmaceuticals.

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