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Morning sickness: causes and cures

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Morning sickness is often the first sign of pregnancy. Nausea can start as early as two weeks after conception.  Although they’re known as morning sickness, nausea can actually occur at any time of day.  But usually an empty stomach in the morning is a trigger to fits of nausea. As you eat less in the morning nausea crises are more frequent at this time of the day. For pregnant women morning sickness is usually the major irritating factor in the list of bothersome elements related to pregnancy!

A very large percentage of pregnant women will suffer from morning sickness. For the most part the severity of nausea remains at an acceptable level. Nausea will range from small discomfort for some to a horrible sense of being sick for others. Some less fortunate will even have trouble ingest and keep their food, which is obviously not desirable for the baby to be born who need nutrients to grow. The severity of the effects is greater in women with a history of migraine or sickness.

Several reasons were suggested to explain morning sickness in pregnant women. Most doctors agree that hormonal changes that occur in the body are responsible for the condition. One effect of these hormonal changes is to change the functioning of the digestive system, which can lead to experience some discomfort. Fetal development greatly influences the hormonal balance of the mother.

Another explanation for morning sickness is the fact that during pregnancy, many women will experience a more acute sensitivity to strong incommoding odors. The sense of smell being increased tenfold common odors otherwise innocuous will trigger fits of nausea. Finally, fatigue and stress also play a role in the onset of nausea, because most pregnant women are tired and stressed as a result of the changes their body undergoes. Morning sickness can occur throughout pregnancy, but for most women the fits disappear after the 14th week. Hormones level in the body tends to stabilize at that point. There are dozens and dozens of cures and miracle cures against the feeling of nausea experienced by pregnant women. But the fact is that the body of every woman is different. What works for one may not work for another but there are a few simple things that could help them feel better.

Here are some tips to help reduce morning sickness:

Eat a little in the morning: As mentioned above, an empty stomach triggers fits of nausea. Eating breakfast in the morning is preferable than going to work on an empty stomach. No need to eat a lot if you do not feel very well. Also bring a snack to work; fruit, cut vegetables, cheese, biscuits. The important is to eat a little something in the course of the morning.  During the night, do not hesitate to eat a little bit if you have to get up: soda crackers, fruit or pieces of cheese. This could help minimize fits nausea when you wake up by morning.   Ingesting food in the morning can have a significant impact on the fits of nausea the pregnant woman experienced.

Sucking an ice cube: some women will love the sense of freshness coming from the ice; a bit like coolness to ease a headache.  Ice cubes can be made from soda or juice. Fresh ginger is reputed to calm the stomach. Why do not have a ginger root tea or bring a snack of gingerbread cookies to work.

Magnetic Bracelets: Some people will use a magnetic bracelet to counter motion sickness.  Why not try it to ease your morning nausea?

The anti-nausea drugs: it is not recommended to take medications while pregnant. Before taking Gravol or any other OTC drugs to stop nausea, talk to your doctor.

Morning sickness is an integral part of pregnancy. They do not harm the baby so long as they don’t keep the pregnant woman to eat properly.  If nausea is too severe and that the mother cannot eat normally for several days, she should see her doctor right away.  Dehydration may occur and could endanger the unborn baby. If the urine begins to darken, it is a sign that the level of liquid absorbed is too low.

When you are in a period of intense nausea, do not worry too much about the food you manage to eat. The important at this point is to get enough energy, not to keep a balanced diet. If in the morning all you can eat are not too nutritive children cereal, don’t worry, you can compensate later in the day; in the morning what matters is to eat something. Once morning sickness has receded, you can focus on healthy and blameless nutrition!

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