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Therapeutic massages during pregnancy

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Like most peoples in our industrial age, the modern mom is usually a stressed person who lives at a fast pace and tries to do everything at once.  Yet at the same time she’s aware that her wellbeing is crucial, especially during pregnancy. To have a happy and healthy baby, the mother should devote a little time to herself.

This new awareness led to research alternative approaches that eventually graphed on the traditional health methods. Pregnancy massage therapy is one of these alternatives. Massage therapy gives the pregnant woman a little plus by improving muscles and joints. It also favors blood circulation and relieves mental and physical fatigue. Massage therapy for pregnant women proves useful in before, after and even during the birthing process, by helping the mother to relax between contractions. Massaging a pregnant woman can be extremely helpful during the delivery process.  The future father therefore has an important role to play to improve the wellbeing his wife at the time of birth, providing reassuring presence and comfort between contractions.

During a prenatal massage the therapist focuses on reducing the discomforts of pregnancy. The massage aims to enhance the physiological and emotional state of well-being of both mother and fetus. When the mother is calm, in a relaxed state, the baby will feel the benefits as well. A relaxed mother, feeling good about herself, is more likely to give birth to a baby in physiological and mental health. In addition, massage helps to prepare the muscles that will be useful in the process of natural childbirth.

Many women fear a long and painful delivery.   When possible most women prefer to give birth naturally, without the use of epidural or other drugs. The preparation of the muscles by therapeutic massages before delivery will help prepare the body and in turn increase the likelihood of normal childbirth. Similarly, there are massage techniques to be used during labor that will speed up the delivery process by reducing pain and anxiety.

Postnatal therapeutic massages focus on toning the body of the new mother, to reduce water retention. It helps the body regain its shape and balance. It helps to rejuvenate and revitalize the new mom and strengthen her ability to bond with her baby. For postnatal massages can also include baby in the process. The sense of touch is so important to the child; massages will speed up the bonding with its mother.

Of course pregnant women should always consult their doctor first should they consider therapeutic pregnancy massages or any other alternative therapy.  Every pregnancy is unique and the doctor is in the best position to provide sound advice according to each particular case. Massage therapy for pregnant women is safe when performed by a trained professional.

Prenatal and postnatal massages can help achieve good mental state and physical health, that will enhance the experience of childbirth.  It is not by itself a miracle solution for an easy pregnancy, but combined with a good diet, healthy living, and a good follow-up by the obstetrician, it can bring a lot to the mother! Mom and future mother, think about your wellbeing, and allow yourself a moment of well-deserved relaxation!  Offer yourself a good therapeutic massage!

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