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Ease the discomforts of pregnancy… the natural way !

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Once the approximate date of birth is known there will be a host of things to insure the smoothness of the pregnancy.  You need to find an obstetrician to monitor the pregnancy or maybe you’ll favor a midwife.  Will you give birth at the hospital, a birthing center or at home?

When the good news is known it’s also time to make sure that your baby will be well provided while in your womb.  The nutrition of the mother is the keystone to ensure normal, healthy and safe growth of the fetus. Eating well will also help the mother to keep enough energy for herself and to minimize the unpleasant effects of the first weeks of pregnancy, such as nausea and bloating. Many mothers will experience crazy and weird food cravings. It is well known! The human body has different ways to get the nutrients it lacks so you should not resist those cravings because they may answer a particular nutritional need. Sometimes you have to give up to temptation so long as it doesn’t reach extremes.  Some discomforts of pregnancy can be settled by natural ways.

There are several factors to watch during pregnancy. Here are a few:

Constipation: Many pregnant women may experience problems with constipation. It is not recommended to use laxatives during pregnancy. Hormones of pregnancy are responsible for the condition especially progesterone. This hormone slows down the contractions of the uterus but also affects other smooth muscles, such as the large intestine. Similarly, the change in diet and reduced physical activity influence the regularity of the intestine. Drinking plenty of water and exercise is beneficial for relieving constipation. Increase your intake of dietary fiber is also recommended to help regularity. If necessary, taking fiber supplements is recommended.

The use of prenatal vitamins: it is desirable to facilitate the smooth running of pregnancy and ensure that the body of both mother and child get the nutrients they need. While many brands of multivitamins provide the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals for an average adult, prenatal vitamins are better adapted to the specific needs of a pregnant woman. The amount of active ingredients is more important because the little one inside the womb has very specific needs to growth. Prenatal vitamins often incorporate herbs such as ginger, which will help counter morning sickness.

Calcium and Magnesium are important minerals during pregnancy, for a number of reasons. If you do not have enough calcium to provide the baby when it begins to form bones and teeth then your body will naturally compensate by draining these critical minerals from your own teeth and hair. It explains why many women have more teeth and brittle hair during pregnancy. Adequate levels of calcium are needed to prevent pre-eclampsia during pregnancy. Calcium and magnesium also help relieve tired legs and muscle cramps common during pregnancy.

Sometimes our efforts to maintain a healthy pregnancy are not sufficient and the mother still encounters problems. It is important to correct these little irritants because they can end up having effects on the unborn baby.  Here are some common problems faced by mothers, and some natural solutions to ease them :

Back pain: a chiropractor can help reduce back pain during pregnancy. Carrying a baby often triggers poor posture eventually resulting in back pain. The chiropractor has the necessary knowledge to treat pregnant women.

Bladder infections: the use of food supplements containing cranberries helps prevent bladder infections.  If you contract a bladder infection during pregnancy, adding cranberry juice to your diet can help relieve it. Make sure to do so at the first sign of bladder infection. An untreated infection that reaches the kidneys may increase the risk of preterm delivery. If the infection is already underway we must talk to your doctor.

Colds: it is not recommended to take any medication during pregnancy. Even natural medicine contains active agents. A good intake of vitamin C can help prevent colds. Before taking a Cold medication, seek advice from your doctor.

Constipation and hemorrhoids: one of the side effects of prenatal vitamins is that they can cause constipation when dissolving in the intestines. Although it is generally not advisable to take a laxative during pregnancy there are a few things you can do. Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant that will help untied the sphincter muscle, allowing better elimination. Increase fiber in your diet is also a great solution to regularize elimination. Oftentimes, cravings or specific food aversions during pregnancy will keep some women from ingesting enough fiber.  Supplements may be considered if need be. Of course exercising is also beneficial for constipation problems. It also helps relieve many symptoms associated with pregnancy. In the case of hemorrhoids the use of a cream against hemorrhoids can provide relief.

Insomnia: again, no study shows beyond any reasonable doubt that herbal infusions have no effect on pregnancy. Many women will still consume infusions of chamomile or valerian to fight insomnia. But experts recommend not taking risks and avoid herbal infusions.  It is best to settle for a glass of warm milk or hot chocolate, always comforting and perhaps just as effective as herbal tea.

Nausea: ginger and mint tea can be very helpful in relieving the nausea associated with pregnancy. Ginger is also used in many medicines against nausea. One of its biggest advantages is that it does not cause drowsiness.  Aloe Vera juice is also said to help relieve nausea.

In support to those its tricks and tips, drinking plenty of water will also help the future mother to go through the aggravations of pregnancy.  In fact, a mother needs even more water than the average adult.  She should therefore not hesitate to hydrate properly.  And the same rule still applies; before taking any medication or natural product, seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist. Every pregnancy is unique and there are counter-indications on which depend the health of the mother or her unborn baby.

Giving birth is a time of wonderful happiness but the body of the mother will require additional strength.  Natural supplements and a proper diet greatly facilitate this important period of your life. Remember that the least toxins enter the body of the mother during pregnancy; the more the baby’s health will be preserved.

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