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Morning sickness: causes and cures

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Morning sickness is often the first sign of pregnancy. Nausea can start as early as two weeks after conception.  Although they’re known as morning sickness, nausea can actually occur at any time of day.  But usually an empty stomach in the morning is a trigger to fits of nausea. As you eat less in the […]

Acne : treat and control during pregnancy

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Pregnancy is considered to be one of the most pleasant times in the life of a woman, as long as the child is desired. The woman is about to bring a new life about and it is the greatest wonder there is.  But to some women it can also bring some discomfort because of the […]

The fertility test : a possible mean to get pregnant

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Infertility can affect peoples of all ages. Since the dawn of time some couples faced difficulties when trying to conceive a child.  Infertility is a medical and social problem that does not take into account the economic or social status, age, religion or race. Even kings and Queens can suffer from it like any of […]

How to resume normal weight after pregnancy

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After childbirth it is sometimes difficult to get back to one’s normal weight. Exercising after childbirth is the key to lose those new unwanted kilos. On average, a pregnant woman gains between 25 and 35 kilos during pregnancy. The weight of the pregnant woman should not, in principle, exceed the maximum healthy weight by more […]

Dietary supplements to avoid during pregnancy

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Prenatal vitamins are usually recommended, since they are an important source of folic acid and other essential nutrients required for the baby to develop properly.  With the growing popularity of herbal medicine, many pregnant women will decide to take herbal supplements during pregnancy. After all, pregnant women seek what is best for their unborn baby!  […]

The importance of breastfeeding

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Just a few decades ago breastfeeding was not very popular and not encouraged as it is these days.  The doctors had not yet fully grasped the importance of breastfeeding not how beneficial it was for the newborn.  For various reasons the new mothers at the time fed their baby from a bottle, because it was […]

Ease the discomforts of pregnancy… the natural way !

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Once the approximate date of birth is known there will be a host of things to insure the smoothness of the pregnancy.  You need to find an obstetrician to monitor the pregnancy or maybe you’ll favor a midwife.  Will you give birth at the hospital, a birthing center or at home? When the good news […]

Therapeutic massages during pregnancy

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Like most peoples in our industrial age, the modern mom is usually a stressed person who lives at a fast pace and tries to do everything at once.  Yet at the same time she’s aware that her wellbeing is crucial, especially during pregnancy. To have a happy and healthy baby, the mother should devote a […]

Pregnancy pillows to ease your back

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One must have been through pregnancy to understand the discomfort it can bring.  Because the little being growing inside you has a weight and it moves, forcing you to positions different from your natural ones in order to find a certain comfort zone. Some areas of the back, hips, legs and feet then grow painful […]